6 Tips for Setting Up Your Work From Home Office

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If you’ve made the shift to working from home, your home office workspace should be designed so that you can focus and work efficiently. Use these five tips to make your home office the ideal working space.

1. Choose the Right Place

Setting up a good office begins with choosing the right place in your home. A den or spare bedroom is an obvious first choice, but you might have to remodel an attic, finish a basement, or create a corner office within another room. Not every home has the absolute perfect place.

Do the best you can to find the right place from what’s available. You should be away from any hustle and bustle, so that you’re less likely to be distracted and interrupted. You’ll also want a somewhat quiet area if you take phone calls or have virtual meetings.


2. Set Up a VoIP Phone Service

Assuming you at least occasionally make phone calls, set up a voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone service. This’ll serve the dual purposes of saving you money on long-distance and international calls, and maintaining separate personal and work phone numbers.

You’ll likely find that the sound quality is better than what you’d hear on a landline. VoIP is also often cheaper than a traditional landline. If you really want to still keep a landline phone, you can integrate the two systems for the best of both phone types.


3. Get a Good Phone

Whether you use a VoIP or landline phone, make sure you have a good phone. The actual phone will make a substantial difference in how much you enjoy working, especially if you’re constantly taking or making calls.

A good phone will have a handset that’s easy to hold, buttons that are easy to press, a screen with caller ID and other basic information, and plenty of speed dial buttons.


4. Get a Good Headset

Also get a good, comfortable headset that you can connect to your phone. A comfortable headset will allow you to take calls and be in meetings without worrying so much about background noise. It’ll also let you type while talking. If you invest in an especially good headset, you might even use it as headphones when listening to music.


5. Invest in High-Quality Furniture

You’ll be spending a significant amount of time in your home office. Invest in good furniture, including a desk that has a good workspace, a chair that’s comfortable, and a filing system that easily holds any papers you need to keep track of.

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6. Create or Update Your Website

To market your business – whether you’re at home or in the office, you’ll want to create an informative website, or update your site. Entrepreneurs and business leaders seldom have much time to take care of websites and marketing on their own. This is why it’s so useful to hire a third party to handle website services, from web design to maintenance and SEO. This is important for your home office, to make sure your business is growing and working FOR you – giving you more time to focus on other areas of your job and lightening your load.


Find the Right Phone System

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