Can you connect an IP phone to a land line?

IP Phone to a Landline

Can You Connect an IP Phone to a Landline?

Voice over internet protocol phones and landline telephones fundamentally work differently. Whereas a VoIP phone transmits audio and data via the internet, a landline uses a physical connection that’s specifically for that type of phone. However, the two can indeed be connected.

Here’s how an IP phone and a landline phone and be connected, along with the benefits of using them together.

The Benefits of Connecting IP and Landline Phones

Bringing IP and landline phones together has benefits from both sides:

  • Landline phones can be integrated with your business’ IP voicemail, call forwarding and conference call features — all at lower costs than what a traditional telephone provider would normally charge for such services.
  • VoIP phones benefit from being connected with an analog phone, so that calls can be made and received even if there’s a temporary internet outage.

How to Connect VoIP and Landline Phones

To connect VoIP and landline phones, the analog signals of the landline must be converted into digital signals that can be sent over the internet. This is done with an analog telephone adapter (ATA).

An ATA acts as a bridge between the landline and the IP phone, making the conversion from analog to digital for outgoing calls. It can also reverse course, converting digital to analog for incoming calls. With an ATA set up, your business can make and receive calls through the IP phone just as they would with a traditional landline phone.

Importantly, not all ATA devices are compatible with all VoIP systems. Your business will need an ATA that’s specifically made to work with your VoIP phones, because there’s coding specific to your system. (ATA devices are compatible with all landline phones, as analog phones don’t use unique code.)

Get an ATA for Your Landline Phone

If your business needs to connect a landline phone to the IP phones, we at Phone Store Depot have ATAs that are compatible with Allowrx systems. Contact us to set up an entire IP phone system, or to just integrate a landline phone into your existing system. We can design a solution that’ll work well for either purpose.


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