3 Signs Your Business Need a Better Phone System

Phone Store Depot goes over the pros and cons of VoIP for Business phone system

3 Signs Your Business Needs a Better Phone System

Communication is everything in today’s always-on world of business. Your business’s phone system plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless communication between your employees, clients, and partners. If it’s not performing up to snuff, it’s time for a new and improved phone system. Here are three signs that you should consider a better, VoIP phone system for your business.


Getting Spam Calls and Robo Calls

Do you find yourself constantly receiving spam calls and robo calls? Not only are these calls annoying, but they can also be a security risk for your business. Some spam calls may be attempting to obtain sensitive information from you or your employees. Even when they’re benign, robo calls still tie up your business’s phone lines.

Upgrading to a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system can help solve this problem. VoIP systems come with advanced call filtering features, such as blacklisting numbers and caller ID, that can block spam and robocalls. This means that your employees can focus on more important tasks instead of wasting time answering unwanted calls — and are less likely to fall for a phishing attempt.


High Bills (Especially Internationally)

If you’re regularly facing high phone bills for international calls, there’s a more cost-effective solution. Traditional phone systems simply aren’t designed to efficiently handle international calls. The costs of these systems’ inefficiencies get passed on to your business.

VoIP systems use the internet to make calls, which means that they are much more cost-effective than traditional phone systems when phoning long-distance. You’ll likely find VoIP systems with much more international calling plans than what traditional phone companies offer. Some VoIP plans even include unlimited international calling. You can save money, and still maintain the same level of communication with your international partners.


Constantly Answering the Phone

If your employees (or you) are constantly answering the phone even for legitimate calls from customers, clients and vendors, those employees may not have enough time to focus on other important tasks. A constant barrage of calls decreases productivity, and might lead to missed opportunities.

A VoIP system can solve this problem by offering advanced call routing features. These features allow you to route calls to specific departments or employees, ensuring that calls are answered by the right person. Additionally, many VoIP systems offer automated attendants that can answer and direct calls without the need for human intervention.

Set such a system up, and your employees can get back to the work that really matters. Of course, they can still answer the important calls that matter.


Upgrade to a VoIP Phone System

Upgrading to a VoIP phone system can solve many of the problems that businesses face with traditional phone systems. With advanced call filtering, cost-effective international calling plans, and advanced call routing features, your business can maintain great communication with your customers and partners while improving productivity and saving money.

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